5 jobs I would not give an 83 years old man!

5 jobs I would not give an 83 years old man!

In Africa we love and respect the elderly. We cherish and take care of them. We do not send them out to do hard labor.

5 jobs I would not give an 83-year old man:

1) Feed the children and take care of them. Especially when there are over 10 million children.

2) Build the roads and the hospitals. Especially when he has failed to do so for 34 years.

3) Fight the wars and keep the peace. Especially when he has been unable to get to the battlefront for 3 years running.

4) Clean up the corruption. Especially when the stealing has been going on Under his nose and with his blessing for 34 years.

5) Fix the economy and provide jobs for the young people. Especially when he has guided us from middle income, to poor, to highly-indebted, then back to poor.

Running Cameroon is hard labor. It requires strenghth, intellIgence, innovation, creativity, ingenuity and much more.

Let's build the playing field that will allow us to choose from the millions who are educated, ambitious, excellent and visionary. Let the old man go and rest and play Songo with his grandchildren.

Ooops, you mean he's been doing that already for the last 20 years?

I rest my case then