STRATEGIES! Celebrating 20! , Planning the next 20!

STRATEGIES! Celebrating 20! , Planning the next 20!

What a wonderful 3 days spent in the hills of Bana. Celebrating the last 20 years of our company and planning for the next 20!

As CEO, it is with immense satisfaction that I look back on 20 years of:

- Building a Cameroonian company that does over 90% of its business internationally
- Imposing Cameroonian leadership and management expertise in Africa, Europe and the United States
- Building incredible, outstanding leaders, may of whom today are CEOs, multinational managers, entrepreneurs, etc. All of whom remain a part of our network
- Becoming an indispensable partner to Regional African Institutions such as NEPAD, the African Union, the Pan African Parliament and the International Conference of the Great Lakes Region
- Working on issues such as youth employment, agriculture, decentralization, economic reform, entrepreneurship, governance and more which are at the top of the agenda for our continent
- Giving women and young people a chance to excel as Africans
- And so much more

It is with even greater satisfaction that I look forward to the next 20 years:

- Transitioning from CEO to give the seat to a younger, smarter person
- Bringing employees in as shareholders
- Using technology to blast our little Cameroonian company into the stratosphere
- Building more wealth, more opportunity and more solutions for Africans
- Fulfilling our mission to have an even stronger foundation to hand over to those who will manage the next 20!

STRATEGIES! @ 20! We did it, we're doing it, we will continue to do it!

This wonderful company is what led me to my amazing political career. Without the expertise and experience built at STRATEGIES! I would never have taken on my current mission of Building a Cameroon that is Leading the Way!