PRESIDENT BUHARI'S VISIT TO CAMEROON: What worked well, what needs a whole lot more work

PRESIDENT BUHARI'S VISIT TO CAMEROON: What worked well, what needs a whole lot more work


- Cameroon and Nigeria are talking to each other at head of state level... at last!
- The two heads of states reaffirmed their intention to render the Multinational Joint Task Force (MJTF) operational
- The discussion went beyond security to cover areas of cooperation between the two countries such as trade and the economy, consular affairs and the revision of various accords between Cameroon and Nigeria


Given the urgency of the security situation, the people of Cameroon and Nigeria need these two heads of states to be a lot more concrete.
- The MJTF was supposed to be operational since April 2012!! Why is not working and what have Buhari and Biya put in place to actually make it a reality this time?
- The right to pursue Boko Haram across the border has been a hindrance for both the Nigerian and Cameroonian armies. No mention was made of this legal barrier.
- Counter-terrorism tactics depend heavily on intelligence which is shared in a very limited fashion between the two countries. What has been decided to make significant changes in this?
- The army of Cameroon and especially the army of Nigeria have committed human rights abuses that have radicalized entire communities and made it easier for Boko Haram to operate. This track record is impeding aid from certain key partners. What are Cameroon and Nigeria doing to address this?

What are the plans of action with timelines, resources and responsibilities specified that will enable the grand resolutions taken by both presidents to become an operational reality?

People are dying on both sides of this border. State visits are symbolically good and general resolutions are a place to start. However, the people need concrete actions which can be monitored and evaluated.

Our heads of states are great men no doubt, but today Africans need leaders who can develop strategies, implement them in a timely fashion and be accountable to the people.

As we said, people are dying.