This Regime is both unwilling and incapable of running our country

 The Biya Regime has the unprecedented capacity to generate so many scandals of catastrophic management and bad governance in a very short space of time, that we its citizens can get caught up in the details of...

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Stand With Refugees

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I Stand Up For The Children of Cameroon

Today is June 16th, the day of the African child. This day was initiated in commemoration of tens of thousands of South African children who marched in Soweto on June 16th, 1976 to demand better education and to...

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20 Leadership Lessons by STRATEGIES!

STRATEGIES! celebrated 20 in 2015. 20  years seems so long and yet it all feels like yesterday.  We actually started in my father’s dining room.  There were no cell phones in Cameroon in 1995...

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Why we were arrested on National Day

Dear Friends,

Thank you for once again acting to secure our release from police custody today. Please do not...

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Tribute to Marthe Ouandié, one of Cameroon’s last heroines

On Friday, May 6th, we will wear black and commemorate Marthe Ouandié. One of Cameroon’s last remaining heroines has passed on.

One of...

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Tribute to Monique Koumatekel

Monique Alvine Koumatekel,

You lived an important life. Important for your loved ones but even more so for the nation.

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No, I am not OKAY!

Since our release on Friday, April 8th whenever somebody has asked me how I am, I have responded “fine, I am okay”.  However, after having a little time to...

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Banish the Fear! Wear Your Black on Fridays!

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