Cameroon Wants Water

Cameroon Wants Water

 Today, March 22th, is World Water Day.

I, like every other human being needs water. I also love water. To me there is no better drink, I enjoy long showers and the luxury of a bath. I am a hand washer too. I truly enjoy the feeling of water flowing over my hands and leaving me feeling refreshed and clean.

Perhaps this love of water is why I am outraged today as a Cameroonian. 1 out of every 2 Cameroonians does not have access to potable water. Out of those who have "access", water may come out of your faucet or it my not, it depends. If it comes out there is a high chance it may red, brown or a pale yellow.

How did we get here? How does a country that has enough water resources to provide water for each of its citizens several times over end up not providing this basic service to even half of them.

How did we become this country that allows its leaders to deprive us of every basic need. water, electricity, healthcare, education. Today they talk of modifying our constitution to maintain themselves and their failures from which we suffer in power.

NOOOOOOOO!!! We cannot continue like this. We must stand up and be heard. We must act to take back our country. We must move to a place where water, electricity and basic healthcare are an assumption.

This is why I joined the Collective Cameroon Wants Water. This is why I was on the streets today to demand my basic right.

What about you?