Launching "Stand Up For Cameroon"

It is so interesting to be a person who makes it their daily business to fight for democracy and justice in a quasi-dictatorship. Some days, like yesterday March 29th, get extremely interesting. Read more->

Cameroon Wants Water

 Today, March 22th, is World Water Day.

I, like every other human being needs water. I also love water. To me there is no better drink, I enjoy...

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Whose Daughters are we?

On this 1st day of March, this month which we have claimed as our own, we must answer the question "Who's Daughters Are We? "

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5 jobs I would not give an 83 years old man!

In Africa we love and respect the elderly. We cherish and take care of them. We do not send them out to do hard labor.

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STRATEGIES! Celebrating 20! , Planning the next 20!

What a wonderful 3 days spent in the hills of Bana. Celebrating the last 20 years of our company and planning for the next 20!

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Non à la Violation de Notre Droit de Manifester !

Ce vendredi 04 Décembre 2015, des cadres du Mouvement pour la Renaissance du Cameroun ont été victimes d’une agression de la part de personnes appartenant...

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We Salute Black Women of Courage, Conviction & Action

60 years ago today Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat and sparked what would become one of the key turning points of the civil rights movement.

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My Heart is Heavy for My Continent, But My Feet are Light Bukavu

Bukavu - Thursday, September 17, 2015

I woke up this morning at the shore of Lake Kivu to the sound of...

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Le Gouvernement RDPC Reconfirme son Incapacité : Jusqu'à quand allons-nous le permettre?

A nous de reprendre en main notre avenir!!!!

En moins d'une semaine le Gouvernement RDPC du Cameroun confirme,...

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