Cameroonians admire and love Um Nyobe. We have many national heroes and heroines. He is by far the most well-known.

He was bold in his vision for a Cameroon that is politically, economically and culturally independent.

He was bold in his politics, carrying this vision in speeches and petitions to the United Nations.

He was bold in action, leading the fight against the colonialist oppressor and paying dearly for it with his life.

So what would we tell this man who said:

"Everything is political and everything is defined by politics. Religion has become political. Commerce is political. Even sports is political. Politics touches everything and everything touches politics. To say you do not do politics is to admit that you do not have the desire to live. This is why we believe we must, above and beyond all else, fight for fundamental rights. These will guarantee our material success."

Do we tell him, sorry you gave your life for us, but we are too busy making money to fight for our fundamental rights?

Do we tell him, sorry you spent all that time living in the forest to ensure our future, but we are too afraid to stand up to our oppressive government?

Do we tell him, sorry you sacrificed everything to achieve this beautiful vision for our country, but we are too busy drinking beer to do our part?

We celebrate his life and sing his praises. Think about it. If Um were before you today, what would you tell him you are doing with his legacy?

Join us as we end a week of celebrating the life of Um Nyobe and reaffirming our commitment to implement his vision. Saturday, Sept. 17th. UPC the Faithful headquarters. Deido Plage 694 693 463 or 670 766 294