Whose Daughters are we?

Whose Daughters are we?

On this 1st day of March, this month which we have claimed as our own, we must answer the question "Who's Daughters Are We? "

I, for my part, stand tall as the daughter of Gertrude Omog, MartheMoumié, Marie Djat, the Market Women of Douala in 193, the incredible Anlu Women of Kom and many more.

I stand as the daughter of these Cameroonian women who stood for themselves as women, as citizens, as builders of our nation.

I speak as the daughter of these women who spoke of justice, of freedom, of love for themselves and for their nation.

I fight as the daughter of these women who fought for their rights as citizens, for their children to live in dignity and wealth, for their nation to stand proudly amongst the greatest of nations.

As their daughter, I am certain even as they were certain, that our actions as women will determine our future, the future of our children and the future of our nation.

Women of Cameroon stand, speak, act, in the name of our mothers!

Let March begin.